How Much We Love Our Children

As a professional children’s entertainer I get to see to what extraordinary lengths mothers and fathers go to in order to make their children feel special about themselves by hosting wonderful birthday parties for their little ones.

Putting on any birthday party is a wonderful gift and a huge job for any parent to give to their child.  However, there are some parents that set the bar really high.  I recently entertained for a lucky little boy whose parents put together an amazing Harry Potter-themed birthday party.  They had changed their backyard into the dining hall at Hogwarts with a great deal of ingenuity and work all of which was fueled by their delight at knowing how much their son would enjoy it.

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

They had made floating candles out of battery powered candles which were glued onto toilet paper rolls, which were painted white.  They even used hot glue to make wax dripping down the sides of the candle and fishing line made the candles float!  The dad even got dry ice so that the cauldrons would boil and bubble.


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