Kids Love Rocky The Magical Rabbit!

Kids and adults alike love spending time with Rocky the rabbit, who appears in Jersey Jim’s comedy birthday shows.  He is the softest rabbit you will ever pet and cuddle.  One birthday girl said, “He’s softer than a cloud!”

Rocky the Rabbit Jersey Jim's magic show

Birthday Boy Loves Rocky the Rabbit

Rocky’s breed was actually bred for making coats (sadly) but that is why he is as soft as a mink coat.  Everyone is amazed by how soft he feels when they first pet him.

Jersey Jim and Rocky the Rabbit

Jim and Rocky the Rabbit

Rocky can even talk!  He first appears in the show as a puppet, who acts like a naughty little boy, which the kids really love!  He hits Jersey Jim with balloons and pulls silks out of Jim’s vest pockets and he never listens.  Then Rocky returns later in the show and admits that his wish has never come true, which was to become a real live Rabbit.

Jersey Jim holds a microphone to Rocky’s mouth and everyone melts to hear his sweet little voice for the first time.  He sounds precious, just like Thumper in Disney’s Bambi movie.

Rocky asks Jersey Jim if he can turn him into a real rabbit but Jim says they will need the birthday child to do the magic.  The birthday child waves his magic wand (a gift that every birthday child gets in the Jersey Jim magic shows) and everyone gasps as they see Rocky the puppet rabbit visibly turn into a real live bunny!

Everyone screams with delight and the kids can’t wait to pet Rocky.  And Rocky loves to be petted.  He knows he is a big star.

That is just one of the amazing moments in Jersey Jim’s award winning birthday magic shows.

100 laughing children at Jersey Jim's library show

Kids Love Rocky The Magical Rabbit!
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Kids Love Rocky The Magical Rabbit!
Magician's Rabbit is the softest you will ever pet

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