Jersey Jim Brings Halloween Fun to Los Angeles Elementary School

This Halloween season, Jersey Jim brought Halloween fun and scares to a Los Angeles Elementary school and helped raise thousands of dollars for the school at the same time.

Jersey Jim's Halloween Magic  show

Jersey Jim’s Halloween Fundraising Magic show

Jersey Jim did this by presenting his Monster Magic Show at the school, which featured Jim’s amazing transformation illusion which turned an elementary school Father into the Hulk right before the amazed eyes of the students and parents!  This is one of Jersey Jim’s original illusions, which utilizes the same illusion principle as Disneyland’s “Haunted Mason.”

Jersey Jim's Halloween Magic Show

Jersey Jim’s Monster Magic Show

Jersey Jim also contributed another original illusion he created which turned the school’s principal into a living skeleton as pictured below!

Jersey Jim's Halloween Illusion

Jersey Jim’s Original Halloween Illusion

The school raised thousands of dollars while having terrific Halloween spooky-goofy fun thanks to the illusions and Halloween themed magic shows of Jersey Jim!

Jersey Jim offers his school fundraising programs all year long to schools throughout Southern California.  Go to the below link for information about this terrific fundraising program for schools:

Schools typically raise from $2,000 to $12,000 in a single night with hardly any work while giving their families a terrific community family event.

Jersey Jim’s School Fundraising Magic Show

Jersey Jim is bringing his FunTastic Family Fundraising Magic Show program to Mar Vista Elementary school on Friday, February 20, 2015.  There will be two shows starting at 5 PM and again at 7 PM.  Dinner and magic tricks will also be for sale at this great family friendly event.

School’s routinely raise $2000 to $12000 with Jersey Jim’s family friendly magic show program, while having a great family event.

Magic Show School Fundraiser

School Fundraising Flyer

What prompted such a large event? School officials claimed they were looking for “something different” for their fundraising efforts. “Unlike traditional fundraising methods, Jersey Jim’s program offered a fun alternative for our children and parents alike.”


“We don’t feel that we’re asking the student body, their parents, or the community for a donation,” one school official said. “We feel we’re giving them something of real value: a FUN evening of laughter and entertainment. It’s going to give everyone who attends an opportunity to enjoy themselves with their families as well as feel good about themselves, knowing that their proceeds will be going toward much-needed school funding. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Jersey Jim's Magic Snowstorm Illusion

Magical Snowstorm!

What can attendees expect? The FunTastic Family magic show is the same show that Jersey Jim performs at professional theaters. It features 90 minutes of unique entertainment complete with music, beautiful props, and Jim’s hilarious blend of comedy, audience participation, and grand illusion, including a making teachers and children appear and disappear in thin air.

Another amazing moment includes causing an audience member to float in the air!   Jim will be selecting a child from the audience and will even pass a hoop around them to prove they are floating!

Jersey Jim Makes Child Float in Mid Air

Floating Child!

Parents often ask how long the kids stay up there. Jim always says, “Long enough for a dinner and movie.”

Jersey Jim appeared in the film, “Couples Retreat.” “It was an honor being picked by Vince Vaughn from all the other magicians in Los Angeles,” Jim said.

Every child who attends will also receive a free magic gift and be able to pet the magician’s appearing rabbit after the show.

Of his Family Comedy Magic Show,” Jim says, “I have the best seat in the house because I get to see all of the kids’ faces as they smile in amazement and laugh hysterically. It’s designed with the entire family in mind and the parents always have as much fun, if not more, than their children!”

Tickets for the event are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets will be available the evening of the event as space allows.  To buy tickets online go to:



Jersey Jim’s New Business Card Design

Just created a new business card aimed at my birthday party market.  Here is is:

Jersey Jim Comedy Magician Business Card

Jersey Jim New Business Card

You may notice that the url–the website–on the business card is a different web address than perhaps you are used to seeing for Jersey Jim.  This is the web address that takes you directly to my webpage for my children show business.

Although I offer all kinds of magic shows–I offer magic for adult audiences, I offer Library shows that are educational and themed for each year’s summer reading them, I offer a 90 minute school fundraising show which rivals what you would see in Las Vegas–but Jersey Jim’s start in magic was performing for children at preschools and at private birthday shows.

Jim gives every child one of his famous magic dollar bills at every public and private magic show, however, I have noticed that children also enjoy receiving a business card as well.  Perhaps kids like getting business cards like grown ups!

Kids are Colored Blind

The recent events in Charleston put me in mind of a personal story I’ve never told.

When my son, Wesley, was 3 and in preschool, one of his friends was another 3 year old named Grace. She was a very sweet girl. When they all went trick-or-treating for the first time, Wesley and Grace were walking from house-to-house holding hands.

One day, leaving preschool, little Wesley told me, “Daddy, Grace and I got married today.” Then he paused and said, “But it was pretend married.” I told one of the preschool teachers about how cute that was and she laughed and said, “Oh, Grace marries everyone!”

Later that year, on MLK day, Wesley was taught about black and white people. I remember being torn about it. I wanted him to know that Martin Luther King was a great man, but I also believed that until that moment, Wesley never saw that there were any black or white people. Just people. Here’s a picture of Wesley and Grace holding hands as they went house to house.

Wesley and GraceKids are colored blind.  Kids are also all the same:  they love to laugh, they love to have fun, they love to be involved.  They don’t want to just sit there and watch “a magic show.”  They want to do magic!  Even more than that, children love to feel empowered.  They live in a world where adults have all the power over them.  When they can feel they have power over an adult, that is a joyful experience for them.  Usually, it’s the first time they feel that powerful feeling.  That is what the Jersey Jim Comedy Magic show does for kids.  Every routine is designed to impart this feeling to children every 5 to 7 seconds.  That is why children love Jersey Jim!


Christmas Magic Show by Jersey Jim!

Jersey Jim will be performing his fun-filled Christmas Magic show at the Waterside Marina del Rey shopping mall on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM.  The address is 4680 Lincoln Blvd (Mindanao), Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6306,


Jim’s Christmas Bunny Rabbit, Snowflake, will be magically appearing straight from the North Pole.  The kids love seeing a live bunny!  Jim will also be making it snow indoors at the conclusion of the magic show.  The kids love dancing in the snow!

Jim’s Christmas Magic Show is presented by “Kids Club” and is part of their “Christmas Fun @ Waterside” event.  Santa Claus will also be at the event for all the young and old to meet and greet.

(The show will be held inside the California Pizza Kitchen due to the winter weather.)

Jersey Jim offers many holiday themed magic shows.  In addition to his Christmas Magic Show, Jim also performs his famous, “Frosty the Snowman Winter Magic Show.”    This show offers a secular way to celebrate the winter season, and features the appearance of Frosty the Snowman as it’s big finale!

Jim also enjoys presenting his “The Magic of Hanukkah” magic show at winter time.

Jersey Jim Comedy Magician Will Be Appearing At Giggles N Hugs at the Glendale Mall!

Jersey Jim Comedy Magician at Giggles N Hugs

Jersey Jim Comedy Magician at Giggles N Hugs

Jersey Jim, the funniest and friendliest children’s magician, will be performing at Giggles N Hugs on the following dates:

  •  Friday, August 29 at 6:00 PM
  •  Saturday, September 6 at 6:00 PM
  •  Saturday, September 27 at 6:00 PM
  •  Friday, October 10 at 6:00 PM

Giggles N Hugs is located at the Glendale Mall at the following address:

3222 Glendale Galleria Way
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 956 – 4847

The Giggles N Hugs is a great children’s play area / high-end family restaurant.  In fact, it is the premiere family spot in the Los Angeles area.  If you have young children, you should go to Giggles N Hugs because both you and your children will love it.  Many Hollywood stars frequent the establishment with their young children, and Jim has performed there for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry,  Jersey Jim is their favorite kid’s magician.

Giggles N Hugs where Jersey Jim the Best Kids Magician performs

Giggles N Hugs at Glendale Mall

Here is how Giggles N Hugs describe themselves:
Giggles N’ Hugs is the first and only restaurant that brings together high-end, organic food with active, cutting-edge play and entertainment for children. Every Giggles N’ Hugs location offers an upscale, family-friendly atmosphere with a dedicated play area that children 10 and younger absolutely love. We feature high-quality menus made from fresh and local foods, nightly entertainment such as magic shows, concerts, puppet shows and face painting, and hugely popular party packages for families that want to do something special.

If you are holding your child’s birthday party at Giggles N Hugs, you can even request that Jim perform a private birthday-themed magic show for your child.

Halloween Magician Jersey Jim and Dracula's floating skull


Later in October, Jersey Jim will be performing his spooky goofy “Big Boo Halloween Magic Show” at all three Giggles N Hugs locations:  at the Glendale Mall,  the Century City Mall, and their Topanga Canyon store location.  Be sure to wear your costumes to the show!

Children Love Jersey Jim’s comedy magic shows and so do parents.  Parents typically come up to Jim to tell him that his comedy magic shows “Made our evening!”  And that he’s the funniest and best kid’s magician they have ever seen.  That is why Giggles N Hugs have Jim back time and time again.

100 laughing children at Jersey Jim's library show

Children Love Jersey Jim’s Funny Magic Shows

During Jersey Jim’s comedy Magic shows, all the children will be able to help “make the magic happen.”  And every child will also receive a FREE magic trick from Jim after they pet Rocky, Jim’s live rabbit, after the show!

Professional magician Jersey Jim is one of the busiest family entertainers in the Los Angeles area. He regularly performs at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  He also appeared nationwide in the major motion picture, “Couples Retreat” staring Vince Vaughn. “It was an honor being picked by Vince Vaughn from all the other magicians in Los Angeles,” Jim said.

“I love performing my kid shows,” Jim says.   “I have the best seat in the house because I get to see all of the kids’ faces as they smile in amazement and laugh hysterically. It’s designed with the entire family in mind and the parents always have as much fun, if not more, than their children!”

Jersey Jim is a Hit at the Magic Castle

Well, I just finished my shows at the Magic Castle this weekend and it was another great experience.  I heard time after time from so many of the audience members that they loved my shows.  The word got through to the top brass because they have asked me to come back asap for another round of shows.

It was extremely busy at the castle this weekend.  Every one of my magic shows were standing room only.  In fact, Sunday was so crowded that I had to add a 4th show that day to accommodate all the Magic Castle guests.

It was a great weekend at the Magic Castle for another reason:  three of my favorite fellow magicians were there as well.  Below is a picture of me with J. Neal.  Jonathan Neal is the classiest, most creative, talented, and charming magician I have ever seen.  J. Neal works constantly because he is in such high demand.  He has helped me in my own magical career by giving me advise about everything from how to hem a silk handkerchief to how to make a sleight of hand steal.

Below is a picture of Jersey Jim comedy magician with J. Neal.  This was taken backstage in the Palace theater at the Magic Castle just a minute before his show was to start.  My show in the parlor had just concluded.

jersey jim at the magic castle

Jersey Jim and J. Neal

Another cool thing was that I tried out a brand new magical routine at the castle this past weekend.  I opened all my shows with this new routine.  I have to confess that these were the first times I had ever performed these routines!  You should never do this but I did!  I had a strong feeling that the routine would play well and I was correct.  It did play well.  Normally, you should work out a routine very extensively before presenting it.  I did on the job training with this one, however, and by Sunday it was fairly well polished.

Well that’s all for now.  I will let everyone know when Jersey Jim will be returning to the Magic Castle in the future.  Until then… magically yours, Jersey Jim Comedy Magician.


Jersey Jim To Perform at the Hollywood Magic Castle

Jersey Jim will be performing at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood on Saturday and Sunday, July 19 and 20, 2014.

World Famous Magic Castle where Jersey Jim the magician wows them

Jim will be bringing his special blend of comedy and magic to the Parlor of Prestidigitation which is one of the three main performing stages at the Magic Castle.

jersey jim comedy magician peforming in the magic castle

Jersey Jim Performing in the Parlor of Prestidigitation

Jim will be presenting family shows which are open to children as well as adults.  Jim will be presenting three shows each day at 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 2:15 PM.  After watching Jim shows, you may also watch the Palace and Close-up room shows as well.  The shows are timed so you move from one to the other.  Many people come back to enjoy Jim’s show again later in the day.

Jersey Jim backstage at magic castle

Jersey Jim backstage at the Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is considered the most prestigious venue for magicians to perform.  Magicians come from all around the world to perform there.  The Magic Castle is a private club and is open to the public by invitation only.  You have to be invited by a Magic Castle member or by a Magic Castle performer (like Jersey Jim!).   In the evenings, there is a strict dress code.  Many women love the excuse to dress to the nines when coming to the Magic Castle.

Dressing up to see Jersey Jim at the Magic Castle

Dressing up to see Jersey Jim at the Magic Castle

The Magic castle is an amazing place to visit and experience besides watching world-class magicians.  Be sure to stop by and visit Irma the ghost who will play anything you request on her piano.

Irma the Ghost playing the piano at the magic castle where jersey jim peforms

Irma the ghost playing her piano at the Magic Castle

The Magic Castle also houses one of the world’s greatest collection of books and media on the art of magic.  Jersey Jim enjoys studying in the magic castle’s library which is only open to fellow magicians.  Jim says he has discovered some of the deepest, forgotten secrets of magic in the Castle’s library, including some little known methods by Houdini himself!

The Magic Castle Secret Library

The Magic Castle Secret Library

Jim says that performing the Brunch shows at the Magic Castle are particularly challenging because you must play to what is called an “unlevel headed crowd.”  This means an audience of all ages, from children to adults and seniors.  Some of the Brunch shows are filled with children and some (particularly the later ones) don’t have any children at all.  To handle this, Jersey Jim has crafted a show that can appeal to all ages.  The material is very strong adult-style magic, and Jim adjusts the presentation of the routines based upon the ages of his  current audience.

Jersey Jim Outside the Parlor With Some Young Fans

Jersey Jim Outside the Parlor With Some Young Fans

When you first enter the Magic Castle, you are greeted by the Hostess.  She will check to make sure your name is on the list to gain access to this exclusive club.

Jersey Jim and the Magic Castle Hostess

Jersey Jim and the Magic Castle Hostess

After you are checked in, the fun begins right away.  You can only gain access to the Magic Castle through the secret door!  You must speak the secret pass word to the Owl with the glowing red eyes who sits on the book shelves.  Only then will the secret door open and you can enter the world of fun and amazement at the Magic Castle, where Jersey Jim performs.

Secret Door to the Magic Castle

Secret Door to the Magic Castle

To get a preview of what Jersey Jim’s Magic Castle shows are like, watch the video of Jersey Jim Comedy Magician performing in the Parlor of Prestidigitation at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Jersey Jim Performing at the Magic Castle