The Best Halloween Magic Show

Jersey Jim’s Spooky-Goofy Halloween Magic Show is the perfect way to celebrate the Halloween season.  It’s always a big hit at Preschools, Shopping Malls, Libraries, and even birthday parties in October.  For his Halloween magic shows, Jim dresses up as “Vampire Jim,” the Halloween Magician and all the illusions are themed for Halloween, including Dracula’s floating skull, Multiplying eyeballs, Hiding Frankenstein, and Franken Rabbid, who is a long-toothed rabbit puppet that ultimately changes into Casper the Real Live Bunny rabbit that everyone–young and old–loves to come up and pet after the Halloween Magic show.

Halloween Magician Jersey Jim and Dracula's floating skull


Some of Vampire Jim’s Halloween magic shows includes levitating a boy or girl from the audience on a magical flying carpet.  Jim will even pass a hoop around them to prove nothing is holding them up except their own joyful belief in magic.

Jersey Jim Floats a Girl at Halloween Magic show

Floating Girl at Halloween Magic Show

Vampire Jim’s Halloween Magic show is also great for anyone celebrating birthdays near the Halloween season.  It’s both a birthday themed show and a Halloween themed show.  And isn’t it fun when all your guests come in costume?

School Kids Enjoying Jersey Jim's Halloween Magic Show

School Kids Enjoying Jersey Jim’s Halloween Magic Show

Everyone loves it when Franken Rabbid appears.  Look at those fangs.  He needs to see the dentist!

Jersey Jim's Halloween magic show rabbit

Franken Rabbid!

Jim also helps schools make money at their Halloween festivals with custom made illusions.  Witness Jim’s Haunted House illusion for an elementary school principal!  She worked herself to the bone!

Jersey Jim's Halloween Illusion

Jersey Jim’s Original Halloween Illusion

Three Hands!

Three Hands!

Whether you’re a Library, a Preschool, a Shopping Mall, or a private event, Jersey Jim’s Halloween Magic Shows are the funnest way to celebrate the holidays!  Call now to reserve your desired time and date.  (310) 313-3730.





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